Chocolate Bean [Round 2]

Woah, I forgot how expensive things were here at Chocolate Bean. Just having a look at the menu, most desserts are above $10. Quick date here with C and C got the Chocolate Sundae ($10.50) and I got the baci hazelnut cake ($9.40).

IMGP4503The baci hazelnut cake was a chocolate cake with a pudding texture and hazelnut sprinkled throughout it. Tasted alright but nothing special. The cake slice was a lot smaller than the Death by Chocolate cake (~$8.50) back in the day. Firstly, I don’t think Chocolate Bean makes the cake themselves as I’ve seen the Death by Chocolate cake around other dessert places. I kept coming back here as they gave the biggest slice for a few dollars more.


Baci Hazlenut Cake ($9.40)

C’s chocolate sundae was quite delish but I think it’s quite expensively priced just for icecream. Maybe if it was Cocolat’s gelato I would understand but this is just normal icecream.


Chocolate Sundae ($10.50)


Chocolate Bean

Chocolate Bean on Urbanspoon

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3 thoughts on “Chocolate Bean [Round 2]

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  2. my bf only ever goes to chocolate bean for their sundae and a piece of brownie where he smothers into the sundae lolll so sickenly good but yes pretty pricey for icecream =||

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